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Posted 2 years ago

Light Up the Night, my newest work on DeviantART. 

It took me so long to edit this on GIMP… -_-

Posted 2 years ago

Support Your Dreams.  My newest work on DeviantART.

Posted 2 years ago

Tribute to my grandmother, who passed away April 30, 2012. Since I couldn’t fly to China for her funeral, I made this to honor her.

This in an imitation of Chinese ancestral worship with the burning of incense. I put the incense in a glass cup with 91 origami stars because by Chinese tradition, she was supposed to be 91 this year. The other thing is a carnation made of tissue paper. And then there’s her Chinese name written in my horrible calligraphy.

Posted 2 years ago

Me performing a roundhouse kick at the Walt Disney Concert Hall.  Getting extra credit for a class was just the excuse to take pictures of me kicking. xD  This picture was from the roof.  There was a gigantic square landing by the stairs that was simply inviting me to climb on top and pose.  It took a lot of tries before my sister (an untalented photographer) could get a good enough picture for this.  I wish she got the tip of the structure in the picture as well…but then she would have had to climb on top of the short wall and risk falling and breaking her head on the pavement below…plus, my legs got tired after a while…-__-;

There were tourists there and this old white guy saw after I was about to quit and asked if I could do it again so he could take a picture.  I wonder where that picture would end up and if he would have a better angle…

P.S. Kicking in jeans sucks…